A Life Turned Around

It was 1985 when I began to have feelings that perhaps I had not lived a very proper life. These feelings intensified to the point that I felt that for my whole life I had been just plain bad.

To counteract that, I felt that I needed to do something good. So I became an on-call Red Cross volunteer. I never refused a call. I responded at all hours of the day or night to assist all kinds of victims of fires, floods, and other disasters. I was a very good volunteer, but somehow my behavior deteriorated and I was worse than before.

In the beginning of 1987, I began to go to church. I was very much impressed that God would allow someone as bad as me to go to church, and even participate in a mass and receive holy communion. This touched me a lot and I took it very seriously. I listened intently when the priests read from the Bible and gave their sermons. I felt convicted and tried my best to do the things they said to do, but my behavior reached new lows and I was worse than ever.

Then in June of 1989, I was invited to attend a Christian conference given by Witness Lee. He explained that the natural man was too fallen and could never live a proper life before God. He said that our natural life needed to be rejected, and that we needed to live by Christís life in our spirit. He said that we needed to be filled with Christ every morning by reading His Word prayerfully, and we needed to enjoy Christ as the life-giving Spirit by calling on His name all day long. I would like to testify to all that I have practiced these things for over 10 years and this has changed my life!

I am so grateful to the Lord, and so grateful to Witness Lee. I pray that all those seeking to change their lives could hear these things and learn the way to have their life turned around.


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